Mobile Data Terminal

3GMDT The third generation of Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

3G MDT: The third generation of Mobile Data Terminal

The 3GMDT Mobile Data Terminal is intended to supply all the functions needed for fleet dispatch and management.

This Mobile Data Terminal has included the most advanced characteristics demanded in the automotive field, and it is compliant with a plenty of peripherals and interfaces.

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With Digitax 3G MDT Mobile Data Terminal you can:

  • GPS satellite localisation with real time communication via GPRS network
  • Automatic switch on by event
  • On board Service program backup
  • Driver login management with badge reader or ISO 7816 cards
  • Automatic sending/receiving man/car shifts management
  • Automatic catching of the stops
  • On board trips certification with visualisation of delay/anticipation situation by driver
  • Acoustic alarm of next stop automatically generated by the service program with integrated text to speech
  • Arrival times sending management by intelligent calling columns
  • On board visualisation on additional monitor by user (next stop, connections, network graphs etc...)
  • Bus on call management
  • Line information management
  • Stamping machines management
  • On board advertising management
  • Safety management by video-cameras
  • People counter management
  • Integrated GPS
  • Lines/trips visualisation
  • Manual/automatic visualisation and selector of manual/automatic shifts
  • Network graph visualisation
  • Speaker phone with headphone plug and bluetooth communication
  • New and pre-coded messages management
  • No panic alarm
  • I/O, gyroscope and odometer management
  • Bluetooth short range and 100 m communication and Wi-Fi
  • Input on hardware keys or on VGA touch screen
  • Management of electronic payment by credit cards

3G MDT: The third generation of Mobile Data Terminal

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